ATMs / Virtual Tellers

SRP Federal Credit Union is excited to announce Virtual Teller ATMs are here! Our new Virtual Teller ATMs have all the functionality of a traditional ATM with additional features such as the option to speak with a live teller. The new Virtual Teller ATMs provide faster and more convenient service to improve our members' experience.

We are eager to be able to offer this excellent service to our members. Stay tuned for more information about the new Virtual Teller ATMs and make sure to Like and Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to get the latest on all the good things happening at SRP!

ATM Frequently Asked Questions

Most of our branch locations have ATMs and there are a handful of places throughout the CSRA that host standalone ATMs. For a list of all ATM locations, please, click here.

You can do just about anything a teller can do in the branch. This includes check and cash deposits, withdrawals, transfers, loan payments, credit card payments, and check cashing down to the penny. You may also still be able to use the machine as a traditional ATM.

Yes! All of our Virtual Tellers are SRP employees and work in our Virtual Experience Center in our Administration building in North Augusta.

The Virtual Tellers are available to members from 7:00am - 7:00pm, Monday - Friday. After hours, the machines will function as an ATM only.

You most certainly can. When you visit the machine, you will be able to touch the screen to talk with a Virtual Teller, OR you can just insert your card for a regular ATM transaction.

No, your transactions should take the same time, if not faster, when you use the Virtual Teller.

Yes, your deposit will be handled the same as it would if you went to the teller inside a branch.

No, the machine will not accept coins. However, it will dispense currency when cashing a check or making a teller withdrawal.

Our new enhanced ATMs allow you to deposit a check and get cash back in one easy spot! Select "Cash Check" from the menu options and select the account you want to deposit your check. You will then be asked to deposit your check and decide how much cash you want to get back to the nearest $5.00. For example, if you cash a check for $123.52, you could receive up to $120.00 cash back, and the remaining $3.52 would be deposited into the selected account.

Yes! You can select how you want to receive your cash in increments of $5.00, $20.00, or $100.00.

You will see the accounts tied to your debit card. If your debit card is issued off your membership, you will see all your accounts under your name, including loans! If your debit card is issued from an account where you are the joint owner, you will see your collaborative relationship with the primary member. If you want to see your direct reports, please use a card from your membership.

No! You can deposit cash and checks together at one time when you select "Deposit" from the menu.

Absolutely! When Virtual Tellers are available, you can tap the screen to speak with them. If you want the ATM, insert your debit card.

Fees and other restrictions may apply