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T'Asia and Devarion Blount, Owners, Blount Beginnings

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Robert Pennington
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Devarion and T’Asia Blount are the owners of a local nonprofit in Augusta, Ga. called Blount Beginnings, an organization helping offenders who are returning to the community with housing, food, and employment assistance. They are dedicated to creating pathways to self-sufficiency for these returning citizens by providing resources and support needed to learn critical life skills, become employed, and find affordable housing. This helps our community by reducing the unemployment and recidivism rates, through the education of the returning citizen, and helping the fight for affordable housing.

One way Blount Beginnings begins educating their residents about financial responsibility is by having each resident open an account at SRP. They also have financial literacy classes for the residents taught by one of SRP’s certified financial counselors.

SRP Federal Credit Union has been a consistent help to the Blount’s as they received guidance through faithful attendance of SRP’s Small Business Lunch and Learn seminars which are held free to our small business members. “I am so grateful SRP is taking the time to impact the business community,” says Devarion Blount. “The information I have learned from these seminars has helped me immensely as a small business owner.”


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