Overdraft Protection Disclosure

Please review the following information carefully:

Overdraft Protection: Overdraft Protection is an optional service you can add to your checking account by linking up to
three (3) eligible accounts to serve as overdraft protection. We will use available funds in your linked account(s) to
authorize or pay your transactions if you don’t have enough money in your checking account. A single Overdraft
Protection Transfer Fee will be assessed each time a transfer/advance is made regardless of the number of transactions
covered or whether money is transferred/advanced from multiple accounts. The fee for an overdraft transfer is set forth in
the applicable Fee Schedule. Transfers from a deposit account will be governed by your applicable Account Agreement
with us. Transfers from a loan account will be governed by the applicable loan agreement. We will not assess a fee unless
the transfer/advance helped you avoid at least one overdraft or returned item. If you link multiple accounts, you may tell us
the order in which you would like the funds transferred/advanced from. If you do not specify an order, we will first transfer
funds from your linked savings account.

Linked Account Transfers for Overdraft Coverage (“Overdraft Protection”): If you have been approved for our
Overdraft Protection plan, you authorize the Credit Union to transfer funds from the eligible account(s) designated by you
("Transfer Account") to the overdrawn account. Transfers will be performed in accordance with your written transfer
instructions, our overdraft procedures, or other agreements you have with the Credit Union. Transfers from a loan account
will be governed by the applicable loan agreement. Funds in your Transfer Account(s) will be transferred to your
overdrawn account in increments of $100 to cover the Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) transaction. If the balance in your
Transfer Account is $100 or less, the entire balance in the Transfer Account will be transferred. If the first Transfer
Account does not have a sufficient balance to cover the overdraft, the balance in that Transfer Account will be transferred
and the remaining amount needed to cover the transaction will be transferred from the next Transfer Account(s) in an
order you have designated. You may designate up to three qualified transaction accounts to serve as overdraft protection.
You understand that your use of your checking account and transfer accounts is subject to the applicable Credit Union
Membership Agreement and other account service charges may apply.

Linked Line of Credit Transfers for Overdraft Coverage (“Overdraft Protection”): If you have been approved for a Line of Credit, you may request the Credit Union to transfer funds from your line of credit loan to pay overdraft
transactions. Unless provided otherwise in your Loan Agreements, there is no transfer fee when the transfer is from an
approved Line of Credit. Transfers from your Line of Credit will be made in $100 increments to cover the NSF transaction.
No transfer will be made from your Line of Credit: (1) which would cause your outstanding Line of Credit balance to
exceed the approved limit; or (2) any time your Line of Credit is not current, or is otherwise considered to be in default by
us. Any transfer from your Line of Credit will constitute an authorized advance under your Line of Credit Agreement loan
documents. You understand that all transfer requests from your Line of Credit are subject to prior authorization by us and
that the Credit Union may cancel this overdraft protection at any time. You will only have protection under a Line of Credit
if you apply and are approved for this loan service. A complete Line of Credit Agreement will be sent upon approval, which
will govern and control our loan relationship with you. You further understand and agree that the terms of your Line of
Credit Agreement will govern any conflicts between any other agreements between you and the Credit Union.

Terms Applicable to all Overdraft Protection Plans: If there are insufficient balances in all designated Transfer
Accounts and/or Line of Credit as specifically applicable to pay the overdraft, the applicable fee will be assessed as set
forth in the Schedule. You agree that the Credit Union may also in its sole discretion utilize any funds in any of your
accounts to pay any overdrafts as defined herein or to pay any other debts that you owe as a result of any authorized
acts. Funds may be applied from any account in which you have a beneficial interest; and may include funds regardless of
the source including but not limited to deposits of funds representing the payment of Social Security, Veterans benefits, or
any other funds that may be subject to limitations under federal or state laws. Any application of funds hereunder shall be
deemed a voluntary transfer that you have authorized. Further, you agree that any overdraft protection plans you have
now or in the future are intended to cover and be utilized for any such matter addressed herein caused by or arising from
the actions of any owner or authorized users. ATM and one-time debit card transactions require member authorization
using the methods we require in order for the Credit Union to exercise its discretion under this provision to pay these
particular transaction types. You may apply for and receive the benefits of a specific agreement for overdraft protection. If
approved by us, you agree the terms of any such agreement(s) shall also apply.